Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recurring fee?

No.  There is a one time payment.  Afterwards, you own the templates.

What are the Shipping Fees?

There are no shipping fees.  This is a downloadable product.  You purchase the templates and moments later you can download them to your computer

Will this work on a Mac?

The templates were developed to be Mac friendly.  If you experience any issues with Mac or earlier versions of Excel, I will offer you a full refund.

Can I alter the template?

Absolutely.  You can insert columns the same way that you would in an excel spreadsheet.

Can I change the default language?

You can change anything that you would have normally changed in Excel.  So if your default language is Danish, then change the settings in Excel to Danish, no problem.  However, you must translate the words in the excel template to your own language.  I don't know Danish, or German, or Russian.  So column headings like "Invoice", etc must be manually translated by the purchaser.

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